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A "review" kind of thing of CoD 5

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A "review" kind of thing of CoD 5

Post by Elsarild on Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:08 am

Well today i installed, played, finished and unistalled CoD 5, and i tougth i would make a short review kind of thing of it x)

first impression: Well it woulnd't start up, goes splash screen, black, crash, so i did a quick search and found out that if you tamper with the build-in windows sound quality, the game whon't start, oh well, change it to some recormmende setting, and hell yeah it startet, so i tougth i'd just set everything to best graphics and start playing? ohhh no, this game has some wired hatred toward me, accauly, all CoD games have, but thats a rant for another time, so, i press new game, pick the hardend difficulty, and then i just get thrown back to the new game menu? i think to myself? wtf?! i tried alot of stuff, no result, so, had to do ANOTHER quick search to find the problem, got it, the game won't let me start a new game while still connected to the internet?! wtf?! oh well, i turn it off, and FINALLY! i can play the stupid game.

Well graphics is the same, cept from a better shader, controls are mixed a teenie bit, but all in all, it's just too.. lame, it looks alot too much like modern warfare (I am very well aware that the enigens is (ALMOST) the same) treyachs games have never been as good as IW's games, it's a fact 0.o but still, change the weapons to some old timey ones, and fill the place with nazis and not terrorists, and you got yourself WaW

It's too short, too easy, and well, it's just not enougth, according to xfire i used around 4-5 hours playing it, and that was with cutscenes, and some zombie nazi fun at the end (it really was the best part) plus some fiddeling with the game.

4-5 f****** hours?! that's too f****** short.

I'll give it a 4 on a scale from 4/10
It scores big coz of the graphics and the historical accuracy (even tho it's not muh it's better than most) but it's repetitive, it's short, and the maps are not very diffrend, not worth bying perhaps, but worth downloading i guess, but mostly to get to the zombie fun at the end of single player =D xD

-Klinge out


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