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Weapon selection!!!

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Weapon selection!!!

Post by Commando on Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:36 pm


Assault Rifles
Assault rifles are best used in the Team Deathmatch modes and are quick ways of bringing down opponents. G3,M4 and M14 are also good for hardcore modes due to their power.

A weapon which has a 3 round burst as opposed to automatic. Equip with either a red dot with stopping power or silencer with UAV jammer and you have yourseld a great weapon!

One of the more rugged rifles, used in the Vietnam War by the Vietcong and the Marines(!) it is now placed in your hands. Its recoil can be combatted by either looking at the targets feet first or by equipping an ACOG scope, which combats the recoil with its own!

If you want single shot without recoil then this gun is for you. Has decent iron sights. This is a great stealth weapon with silencer as its high powered bullet does not require many round to kill. Equip with either stopping power or UAV jammer for maximum effect.

M4 Carbine
Just like the AK-47, but with much much less recoil. A great weapon for Team Deathmatch, but certainly not a good weapon for Search and Destroy. Equip with a red dot for boosted accuracy and Stopping Power or UAV Jammer.(depending on your style)

A high powered, heavy but slow firing rifle, which is good for conserving ammo but retaining your amount of kills. Not the first choice to take out the battlefield however. Equip with Extreme Conditioning and Double Tap to achieve the best results.

A single shot weapon with higher power than the G3 but with much more recoil. With Stopping Power on, this weapon can 1 hit kill most players without Juggernaut in the chest.

A WW2 relic, not a commonly used gun, but one of the more useful of the assault rifles. Its high power and long range make great for those guys on the MG, and when someone comes up close, it still has the automatic power and accuracy for CQC. Its downfall however is in its rate of fire. It fires ever so slowly, but if you can land a bullet, it is powerful.

Sub-Machine Guns
Sub-Machine Guns are best suited to close quarters combat and so use them in Headquarters and S&D modes. Use in bursts and do not use continuous fire as you will run out of ammo quickly

The AK-74u is one of the higher level, but not as useful weapons. Its size allows for more running, but its ironsights are not precise enough. Red dot is needed.

Hecklor & Koch MP5 has fully auto rire with a decent firing rate and iron sights. Good all round gun for damage and accuracy.

Belgian fully automatic sub-machine gun with a large clip and fast firing rate.

Known as the miniture AK-47. Has a fast firing rate and has similar sight to a pistol.

Mini Uzi
Fast firing rate and reload. Not good for long range but highly effective in close combat.

Light Machine Guns

M249 SAW




Classic pump action shotgun.

Full automatic shotgun. This gun - due to lack of ammo and short clip - works really well with the "bandolier" and "sleight of hand" perks. Use this gun to flank enemies and stick to close-quarters.

Sniper Rifles
Sniper rifles are most affective on the larger maps such as Creek or Bog were you can remain hidden. They can also be very affective at mid to long range when equipped with ACOG scope unlocked after doing the marksman challenge for a sniper rifle. When equipped with the perk Stopping Power they kill opponants in one hit so long as they are not using Juggernaught.

Semi-automatic the Dragunov has a high fire rate and deals more damage than the M21

Bolt action sniper and the most accurate sniper on the game though has a low fire rate.

Semi-automatic bolt action sniper rifle

Barrett M107


Colt .45
USP .45
Desert Eagle

Grenades can be picked up and thrown back. This is the main reason to cook grenades by holding the throw button awhile before releasing it to throw.

Frag Grenade
Explosive that damages nearby targets

Flash Grenade
Blinds and deafens the target when detonated.

Stun Grenade
Disorients the target when detonated.

Smoke Grenade
Creates a smoke screen when detonated.

Type 1

C4 x 2
Remote detonation explosives. Good for remotely defending objectives.

Claymore x 2
Trip activated explosive mine. Good for placing in commonly traveled routes or for defending a location.

RPG-7 x 2
Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher typically used to quickly take down helicopters.

Special Grenades x 3
Carry 3 special grenades instead of just 1. Only usable with flash and stun. No smoke.

Carry Extra ammunition magazines. Good for weapons with a high rate of fire.

Frag x 3
Carry 3 fragmentation grenades instead of just 1.

Bomb Squad
Ability to see nearby enemy explosives such as C4 and claymores. A small icon will appear over opponents C4 and claymores. These icons can even be seen through walls.

Type 2

Increases health making the player harder to kill

Sleight of Hand
Increases reload speed

Sonic Boom
Increase the range and damage of explosives.

Stopping Power
Increases bullet damage making players easier to kill

Double Tap
Increases rate of fire on weapons. More effective with full auto weapons.

UAV Jammer
Makes the player Undetectable on enemy radar scans. Weapon fire will still cause players to appear on the radar.

Replaces the pistol with another primary weapons

Type 3

Deep Impact
Allows bullets to penetrate thicker materials

Extreme Conditioning
Allows the player to sprint for longer distances before getting winded

Last Stand
Allows the player to pull out their pistol when critically wounded instead of dying giving a last attempt to kill their killer

Player will drop a live grenade when killed.

Steady Aim
Increased accuracy when firing from the hip

Dead Silence
Player will no longer make sound while moving.

Iron Lungs
Allows the player to hold their breathe longer for steadied sniper shots

Player will hear nearby enemy voice chat

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Re: Weapon selection!!!

Post by Commando on Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:50 pm

I posted these here so that some of the people use the best guns possible not some other bullshit gun. Also I put the perks so that you choose the best there is not some bullshit like marty.

All the members are expected not to use marty and gl. If someone is caught using hacks he will be removed from the clan immediately.

Gender : Male
Number of posts : 1332
Age : 27
Location : Malta

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