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Post by Commando on Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:57 pm

WCA is a Clan and a community. Clan members include the best out of the community members and wear the =WCA= tag, while community wears [WCA] tag. Therefore the Community is for all those members who are still improving their skills in the game and are not good enough to join the clan for the time being. The clan ppl will be given preference in wars.

We only look to recruit mature people. If you are immature please don't bother to post cause you will not be accepted to join wca. It is also important to show dedication to wca. If you want to join therefore be active on our forums and on the server. If you are in another clan you can still join as long as it wont reduce your activity on wca's behalf.

You must be obedient to the General Rules

You must obey server rules. These are: No martyrdom Perk, No Grenade Launcher attachment , No Last Stand and No hacks!!! Members found hacking will lead to a ban from forums and server.

You must be active on both the forums and the server. Failing to be active on one of them will lead you to being removed from the community or clan.

Please do not join for nothing. Give something to the WCA members. You can help in various ways for example by saying if you're good in graphics maybe, or if you know how to install mods on server or perhaps those who have money can donate.

Xfire is the way we are able to communicate so pls before you apply be sure to have your own username. Mac users get Xblaze (if you still have a problem talk to one of the admins).

When you meet those requirements than apply in THIS thread and give us some time to review your application.

Game name:
Do you have mic?
Are you in another clan:
Can you donate (even very small amount --> higher chance to join wca):
Anything you want to add (example good in graphics etc):

If we think you have to potential to be in our clan/community we will tell you to wear the [WCA] tag. There is no fixed amount of time when you will receive an answer of whetherer you have been accepted or not, so please have patience. To make us things easier you could put pics of scores in your application to show us your potential. If you are told that you can wear the [WCA] community tag, we will still observe you and see if you're good enough to join the clan and therefore you don't need to Pm us. We know about you Smile If after that we see that you have skill, dedication and you are mature, you will be told to wear the =WCA= tag.

N.B. Please always start a new topic.


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